Fast&Up Fortify - Calcium With Essential Vitamin D3 For Complete Health Support - Vitamin D3, Calcium & Magnesium Combination For Better Absorption (3

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Product description

Size:Pack of 30 Tablets | Design:Calcium Supplement

Fast and Up Fortify is a Calcium supplement for maintaining healthy bones. It is a complete bone care formula with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin K1 and Vitamin B6. It is well known that inadequate consumption of calcium supplements might contribute to the development of bone related disorders like osteoporosis. Fast and Up Fortify is an effervescent calcium supplement that contains effervescent calcium carbonate with the highest amount of elemental calcium. A higher percentage of elemental calcium implicates a lower number of pills to reach the daily needs of calcium. Containing 500mg of elemental calcium - Fast and Up Fortify contains the recommended amount of Calcium for men and women. However, our bones require more than just Calcium. Our body cannot absorb calcium without Vitamin D3 while Magnesium works in synergy with calcium to prevent cramps. Vitamin K aids in the binding of calcium to the bone. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor for collagen and vitamin b6 helps prevent bone loss. This complete bone health supplement helps maintain acid-alkaline balance and restores ph levels. It is advisable that women of all age groups should consume bone health supplements to maintain bone health due to an increased need at various stages of life, especially in the post-menopausal stage.

From the manufacturer

Fast&Up Fortify with Calcium and Vitamin D3 helps to maintain structural integrity of bones along with the support of vitamins and minerals. The body is unable to achieve adequate proportion of these vitals nutrients by depending on daily diet alone. Fast&Up has formulated a unique complete bone care supplement in tasty lime & lemon flavour. Fast&Up Fortify is scientifically crafted with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin K1 and Vitamin B6. High elemental calcium helps in reducing the number of tablet intake per day to maintain daily calcium requirement. Vitamin D3 helps in effective absorption of calcium by the bones. Vitamin C helps in formation of collagen to strengthen bone integrity and Vitamin B6 prevents bone loss and Vitamin K1 helps in binding calcium to the bones. Each tablet is to be dissolved completely in 250 ml of water before consuming. Available in Pack of 10 Tablets and 30 Tablets in Lime & Lemon Flavour

About Fast&Up

Fast&Up is an Indian Sports and Active Nutrition brand with Innovative Technology. Nutrition Supplements scientifically crafted with Swiss Formula helps to boost your performance as well as maintain healthy lifestyle. Available in a variety of flavours and more servings our sports nutrition supplements compact a perfect blend of high-quality Amino Acids and Vitamins that promote faster muscle recovery and overall performance boost. Powered by Innovative Effervescent Technology, Fast&Up nutrition supplements helps to maintain a healthy and Active lifestyle for daily performance enhancement. Fast&Up products are formulated with the sheer motive of fuelling the fitness essentials of the nation such as hydration, Active Nutrition, Performance boost etc.

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