XTEND The Orignal BCAA BCAA (420 G, Freedom Ice)

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BrandXTEND Ideal ForUnisex WorkoutPre Workout Quantity400 gmVitamins & Supplements TypeBCAA FlavorFreedom Ice Dosage FormPowder Used ForDietary Supplement
About this item
Scivation xtend is packed with 7 grams of BCAAs, 2.5 grams of L-Glutamine, and 1 gram of Citrulline Malate
Intra-workout catalyst
World-class athletes, elite bodybuilders, champion powerlifters, and weight-training enthusiasts of varying types use Scivation xtend during their workouts in order to help them train longer, harder, and with more intensity
Scivation xtend is a calorie-free way to help anyone grind through even the most grueling gym session, Stay Hydrated: Pre, During, and Post Workout with Electrolytes in Xtend
Scivation Xtend contains L-Glutamine to promote muscle intracellular branched chain amino acids metabolism
Product description
Scivation Xtend the most advanced sugar and carbohydrate-free intra-workout catalyst, scientifically formulated to maximize training intensity and promote optimal muscle protein synthesis and recovery while you train. Xtend is formulated with a precise pentactive blend of actives, synergistically involved in key cellular processed to optimize muscle performance and response. Research validated 2:1:1 ration of the branched chain amino acids (Branched chain amino acidss), L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine to stimulate and support muscle protein synthesis and promote metabolic energy while you train. Glutamine to promote muscle intracellular Branched chain amino acids metabolism down to the correct energy and protein synthesis pathways via the Branched chain amino acids aminotransferase enzyme. The rate-limiting cofactor Vitamin B6 to ensure optimal Branched chain amino acids aminotransferase reactions.
From the manufacturer
Consume with Confidence
NSF for Sport is the preeminent certification for sports nutrition in the world. Informed Choice is also recognized for its dedication to keeping nutritional supplements clean and safe for consumption. This is precisely why Scivation XTEND carries certifications from both NSF for Sport and Informed Choice. Rigorous third-party testing and time-consuming protocols are aggravating to some, but not to Scivation. No other BCAA product on the market carries the mark of both of these certifying bodies. Consume with confidence.
2:1:1 Ratio Designed by Nature, Backed by Research
Scivation XTEND is the most advanced BCAA drink mix and is packed with 7 grams of BCAAs, 2.5 grams of L-Glutamine, and 1 gram of Citrulline Malate. Plus, with a unique blend of hydration-inducing electrolytes, Scivation XTEND is a calorie-free way to help anyone grind through even the most grueling gym session.
7g of BCAAs - 2:1:1 Research-Proven Ratio
Sugar Free and Carbohydrate Free
3.5g of Leucine for Muscle Protein Synthesis
2.5g of L-Glutamine & 1g of Citrulline Malate
Hydration-Inducing Electrolytes
Zero Calories